Acoustic Life of Sheds by Big hArt

BIGhART celebrates its 25th year with an expanded version of its much loved music project, Acoustic Life of Sheds, with a journey in sound, between Table Cape and Rocky Cape, along the Arcadian NW Coast.

Sheds have many lives. They dot the Tasmanian landscape, built to serve through storms, oods and drought. Sheds are sentinel shapes on the horizon, watching as rural life changes around them, bringing a new purpose, a new patina, a new story, until abandoned. With their heyday long gone, these relics stand with hinges rusted shut on a rich past, preserved in metal, grease and dust.

Acoustic Life of Sheds brings together musicians, composers and sound designers to listen to these sheds on family farms, to be inspired by the echoes of the past, and to play back these sonic lives to us.

Big hART created Acoustic Life of Sheds for the 2015 festival to such acclaim, it was clear they’d barely scratched the surface. This year, the show is back by popular demand to explore 5 new sheds in a 50 km, 4 1⁄2 hour round trip.