The undisputed regional hit of the last two Ten Days on the Island Festivals, Big hART’s much loved Acoustic Life of Sheds returns to NW Tasmania in March 2019.

Built to last through storm, flood and drought, sheds are sentinel shapes on the horizon. With their heyday gone, these relics often stand with hinges rusted shut on a rich past, preserved in metal, grease and dust.

Acoustic Life of Sheds invites leading composers, musicians and artists to celebrate these architectural embodiments of rural culture as sound- shells by reimagining them for audiences in the landscape.

The finished pieces are presented in a series of promenade concerts over a 60 kilometre journey. Audiences travel between sites, experiencing 5 distinctly different sheds and performances over a single day.

Sheds is presented in 2019 by Ten Days on the Island and takes audiences on a 4 1⁄2 hour journey from Sisters Creek to Table Cape via Lower Mount Hicks, Doctors Rocks and Wynyard.

Watch 2017 festival (3:34)

Watch 2015 festival (7:05)